Veles – early sort of seedless grape with early sort of ripening (100 – 105 days). Berry is sweet with strongly demonstrated nutmeg taste. Berry color varies from delicate pink to amber-transparent. Skin is thick, but is not felt during eating. Bunches are massive and very massive, up to 2 kilograms, have regular shape. Berries can stay on bush when fully ripe up to two weeks.


Roshfor – early sort of table grape. Berry color can vary from dark-red to purple-black in case of fruit sleepiness. Taste is harmonized, sour-sweet with delicately demonstrated nutmeg taste. Berry is of oval-high shape, a little flattened on the sides. Bunch is of compact conic shape, up to 1,5 kilograms. Can stay on the bush up to three weeks with no compromise in taste.


Zabava – early sort of table hybrid form of grape, term of ripening 100 – 110 days. Berry is very massive, from 7 to 10 grams, of oval egg-like shape, dark-blue in color with strong waxy bloom. Berry has sweet and sour taste, flesh is compact, very delicate and juicy. Bunches have regular shape, branchy, half-compact, with the weight up to 1,2 kilograms. Considered to be grape standard.


Preobrahenie – ultra-early hybrid sort of grape with very massive berry, weight of one berry can reach up to 20 grams, average weight is thirteen grams. Berry color is light-pink, amber with light waxy bloom. Taste is sweet, berry has juicy delicate skin. Brunches are big, more of irregular, conic oval shape, sometimes can be shapeless. Average weight of a brunch is up to one kilogram. Taste is delicately sweet and slightly sour. Flavor is intense when grape is fully ripe. Easily transported.


Arcadia – table sort of grape with very early term of ripening (115 – 125 days). Berry is very massive, with the weight more than 10 grams, light green in color. Berry taste is juicy, sweet and slightly sour, skin is delicate and thick. After grape sleepiness berry gains nutmeg taste, berry quality stays the same. Bunches have weight from 600 to 800 grams in case of big load to the bush, if the load is even weight can be up to two kilograms. This sort of grape is easily stored and transported.


Liviya - ultra-early table sort of grape. Brunches are massive, of bulky branchy shape, can weigh up to 1,5 kilograms. Berry is massive, up to 12 grams, color is pink. Grape has characteristic nutmeg flavor and taste, berry is delicately sweet, flesh is very juicy. Grape term of storage is more than a month, easily transported.

Jubilee Novocherkassk

Jubilee Novocherkassk – hybrid from of grape of ultra-early term of ripening. Brunch is of conic shape, average density, massive, with the weight up to three kilograms. Berry is long and oval in shape, delicately pink with harmonized taste, with the weight of 15-20 grams. Flesh is juicy, very fleshy, with good sugar attracting properties, skin is reasonably thick, can be eaten. Considering its large size, this grape is easily transported.


Jupiter – sultana grape, is a table sort of grape with early term of ripening (not more than 110 – 125 days), absence of seeds is very high. Bushes are of average of strong growth. Bunches are massive with the weight of 250-450 grams, very decorative, have conic shape, equally compact, moderately shouldered. Berry is middle-sized, with the weight of 6-9 grams, egg-like, long oval-shaped with pointed end, from light green, intense pink to red color with a little shade of purple when fully ripe. Flesh is compact, juicy, fleshy, with nice sweet taste, strongly demonstrated Isabella flavor, delicate nutmeg note appear when fully ripe. Skin is thin but compact, resistant to dehiscing. Grape is easily stored and transported.