Strawberry. Early sorts


Linoza – the earliest fall-bearing sort of highly productive Italian selection, resistant to drought and winter temperature changes. Berry is sweet, with delicate strawberry flavor, intense red and orange color with a little shine. Is easily transported. Can be stored up to 5 days with no compromise in taste. Berry weight is more than 20 grams.


Сlery – sort with early term of ripening with beautiful flavor. Berry is bright red, simple, massive, of a regular shape, very sweet, with compact flesh, and high-standard taste. Berry weight is 25-30 grams. This sort does not require special treatment, resistant to disease of leaves and root system. This sort is quite resistant to stress and is adapted to growing in composite soils. Unlocks its potential under agro-textile and in greenhouses.


Vibrant - sort with early term of ripening. Berry is massive with very nice intense red color. Is of a regular conical shape and has great taste. Yield is high, generally berries are of first class. This sort is inclined to repeated bearing. Resistant to powdery mildew and diseases of root system.


Joly – middle-early term with high yield. Period of berry collection is long but even. Shape is big, regular, with attractive red color, is not tend to diminish. Easily transported, does not lose taste and color. This sort is resistant to diseases of leaves and root system. Does not require high technologies, can be grown in residual and complex soils.

Strawberry. Late sorts


Sibilla – late sort of strawberry of Italian selection. Berry is of long-conical shape, massive, with glazed red color, aromatic and juicy. Berry weight is 35 grams. Bush is strong and high. Does not lose its properties after collection even while short-term storage. Easily transported. The plant is endurable, resistant to freezing.


Florence - sort with late term of ripening, second half of July. Berry is massive, with dark-red color and conic shape. Due to its incredible juicy shape – amazing sort with late ripening. Easily transported, resistant to diseases, even such dangerous as verticilliaceous wilt. The plant is highly productive and can be grown using technology “bearing in 60 days”.


Laetitia - sort with late term of ripening, approximately from the second decade of June, berry is massive, with conic shape and good density, is easily transported. Color is intense red, nice sweet taste. Very simple in growing.


Malwina – very late sort, blooms in the end of May, bears in the third decade of June. Berry is very massive, more than 60 grams, sweet, with dark-red color. Strong bush, is easy in agro-care, is resistant to diseases, no need in chemical treatment, is an ecological berry. Perfectly reacts to organic and mineral fertilization.

Strawberry. Neutral sorts

San Andreas

San Andreas – fall-bearing early sort. With bright red and orange color, berry of regular conic shape with rounded point of middle size – 30 grams, sweet taste, strongly demonstrated strawberry flavor. Easily transported and resistant to diseases. However, very demanding to soil fertility, can be grown in greenhouses and in fields.


Irma – tasty, massive, transportable, fruitful, of neutral day. All best qualities are united in this strawberry. Can be grown both in open and in protected soil. Berry is massive – 60 grams and more, beginning of bearing coincides with middle-early one-time sorts. Incredibly demanding to soil nutrition and fertility, and to agro-care. Resistant to diseases and pests.


Murano - fall-bearing early sort, highly productive, fruitful, berry is even, massive, tasty, with strong smell, compact but juicy. Is easily transported and stored. This sort is very resistant to diseases. Highly demanding to technologies of growing, especially to nutrition during bearing. One of the best neutral sorts for open and protected soils.