Natchez – early, American selection. Bush has no thorns, strong and of strong growth, forms vines up to 5 meters. Has very high yield, berry is massive (10 grams), has dessert taste, juicy compact flesh and small pit. This sort is resistant to frost, light cover is preferable for winter. Very resistant to basic diseases, does not require treatment with pesticides, can easily be called an eco-product.

Loch Tay

Loch Tay – Scottish selection, ripens in June and bears during four weeks. Has massive transportable berry, sweet, glossy, of black color and intense dessert flavor. Its preferential peculiarity is even ripe of the bush. It is grown for both fresh market and for processing into jams and confiture. Bushes are erect and of strong growth with strong and paddy sprouts with the length of up to 5 meters. Loch Tay is resistant to pests and diseases, really ecologically clean berry.

Triple Crown

Triple Crown – American selection, has strong potential, is not called “crown” by accident, currently probably the only sort that has sweet taste, perfect favor and high plant productivity, as well as strong growth energy. Berry is massive, glossy with black gloss, is easily transported on big distances with no compromise on its unique properties, weight of one berry is on average 8-10 grams, but can be 20 grams. This sort has improved resistance to pests and diseases, there are no thorns, middle term of ripe.

Black butte

Black butte – a new sort if middle-early ripe, American selection, massive berries, length of berry can be up to 50 millimeters! Taste is perfect, dessert, with black gloss, the most desired fresh berry. Shape of bush is trailed, requires bearers, sprouts are more than 1,5 meters, also requires shelter for winter.