Elliott – late sort. Very large-sized berry with simultaneous ripening term. While industrial ripening, taste of berry is sweet with a little acerbity, while complete ripening taste is sweet-sour. Color of berry varies from pale-blue to gently blue with massive waxy bloom. After ripening, stays on the bush without cast up to 15 days. After collecting can be kept for 90 days with the temperature from 0° to +2°С and with 90% of humidity.


Nelson – middle-late sort. Quite widely spread in Europe. Has massive compact and at the same time juicy berry with sweet taste. Color varies from blue to ashen. Is collected from the bush in two steps. Simultaneous even ripening. Is valued for high taste and household qualities. Can be stored up to 60 days.


Spartan – middle-early sort. Light-blue massive berry, sweet with a slightly sour taste, delicate taste. While complete ripening can stay on the bush up to 15 days. Easily transported.


Bluecrop – blueberry middle sort. Very massive, slightly flattened berries with strong light-blue bloom. Resistant to diseases, drought and frost. Suitable for growing by amateurs and professionals.


Duke - blueberry early sort. Bush is not very branchy, massive and compact berries. Resistant to frost. Yield on average is 7 kg per bush.


Chandler – one of the best sorts of blueberry, late sort. Strong branchy bush with very massive berries (up to 2 centimeters). Is ripe from early August to the middle of September. Great taste, easily transported.