Little secrets for big successes or how to look after berry beds carefree

Berry beds – even after only saying this word you can feel sweet delicate taste in your mouth. You can choose anything up to your taste: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, jostaberry, currant – white, red and black, gooseberry, blackberry, red bilberry. I know a person who loves raspberry so much that she is ready to go for raspberry taste over any berry and any fruit. I am the same!

People say, berries grow and yield only where they are loved…

In this small gastro story, I want to share some small secrets with you or remind them to those who already know these secrets.

Spring…it’s the time when nature wakes up, comes alive after long cold winter. As for me I love spring a lot, I love summer even more, I adore autumn, I am amazed by winter. Still, spring is a beginning for everything: season, year, life.

So, what is waiting for us in berry beds? To avoid surprises, both pleasant and not really nice ones, I suggest remembering and implementing my recommendations.

Raspberry, regardless if it is everbearing or one-time, requires sanitary cleaning. Remove broken, small and thin branches, if raspberry yielded, remove dry flowers. Our aim is to leave 9-11 fully valid, equal in height and thickness branches while cutting off and removing – this is the first step to good yield. Yeah, I forgot to tell you, regardless what small-fruit crop we are talking about and if people tell you it is resistant to draught and can live without water – don’t believe it! Everything loves water! Water is life! Watering is necessary, if you water berries often, don’t use much water, if you do it rarely, use it a lot.

Having removed everything needless and unwanted, let’s continue with fertilizing and watering of plants. There are many complex fertilizers by reliable and famous companies. All of them work perfectly. But as for me, the best is the enemy of the good. I never work with fertilizer only and I don’t believe in miracles.

So, second step of successful yield is nutrition. You can choose any organic substance you want. However, regardless what mineral fertilizer you choose, simple or complicated, add humates you prefer – liquid or combined, everything works! Humates are substances, which renovate soil microflora naturally, makes plants immune and develops anti-stress qualities, and which is the most important – keeps and gradually gives nutrition elements and water to soil. This is my ode to humates. It’s up to you which humates to choose: humi, growth concentrates, humate humisol, Vermisol etc. For organic fertilizer add 50-70ml/10l (liquid to liquid), 5-10g/10l (dry to liquid), to NPK fertilizer – 5 g of dry, 15 ml of liquid humates.

How to add?

Spread you dry organic substance (humus, bio-humus, compost etc.), on a piece of carton, fabric, paper, agro textile. Spread out dry humate and mix in proportion 1-1,5 kg to a square meter. If humate is liquid (manure,extract), pour from watering can in proportion 0,7-0.8 liters to a meter of watering area, that is 3-5 liters to a square meter. If you have dry and liquid humate, mix it in a plastic/glass/enameled ware and spread about 50-100 grams in one square meter. With liquid humates you should do the following: spray thin layer of fertilizer through window cleansing spray, use fertilizer in proportion 15 ml of humate+150 ml of water for 1kg of fertilizer while working with NPK fertilizer on the surface, constantly mix with wooden stick so that granules didn’t soak but got saturated with humate.

I love mix coctain, do you know what I mean? After adding humate add dry insecticide for example: actara, confidor, basudin, mospilan, dantop, voor tox or other. I think it would be better to write active component, I’ll do it next time. Use a dose recommended by manufacturer to 10l and add to this mix cocktail fungicide, fundasol, topsin M, acrobat, colt etc. Performing cutting branches off and fertilizing in complex, you simplify care of raspberry berry beds at least till the blossom period. During blooming, isolation of flower bud and berry inception agronomic history goes on.

I forgot to tell you one more thing. Such care should be given to all berries and bushes, not only raspberry, but also roses, peonies etc. Such care technic fits to everything. I just want to highlight that such berries as blueberry, red bilberry, cranberry need sour soil. That you can do the following: add to our mix cocktail 5g of citric acid+2g of succinic acid to 10l of water. If you have problems with water, add hydrogel in our cocktail, it saves water and collects it due to “dregs”. Absorbent should be added according to recommendations of manufacturer.

With the wishes of great spring mood and warm weather for work in garden and vegetable garden.