BERRICHER Ukraine grow blueberry raspberry blackberry garden strawberry grape

«BERRICHER» company

Currently «BERRICHER» is one of the biggest fruit and berry companies of Ukraine.

We grow the most popular small-fruit crops of modern selection. All planting material was purchased from leading European nursery-gardens.

In our work we use the newest agronomy technologies and receive a result – ecological NATIONAL product of highest quality.

We grow

We grow blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, garden strawberry and grape.

1,2 ha of greenhouse facilities allows to produce planting material of high quality in industrial-scale volumes, and 40 ha of open land is used for planting tasty and useful berry.

Production capacity

Production capacity is located in Kyiv region, which significantly simplifies logistics on the territory of Ukraine.

Products sales are targeted for both national and foreign markets.

One of our priorities is reliable and long-term partnership.